Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Field Research Photo A-64-F....Frequency Disruption

This enhanced photograph is a stunning image of frequency disruption. As you can see, a well defined pattern can be observed.

Paranormal Activity And Harmonic Resonance

Random Number Generators are generating numbers in a sequence in such a way that the next number has no relation with the previous numbers. There are software routines that may generate these numbers but these only approach the ideal of independence between the subsequent numbers because they still use an algorithm to calculate the next number from the previous one. There are several of these algorithms and it is difficult, though in principle not impossible, to assess from the numbers which algorithm is used. Thus, we have developed independant and self contained modules to offset the possiblity of frequency contamination. Random number generators are currently being used in the Global Consciousness Project by Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research .

All electromagnetic fields are force fields, carrying energy and capable of producing an action at a distance. These fields have characteristics of both waves and particles. An electric current, for instance, flowing in a wire produces its own magnetic field.

In physics, resonance is the general tendency of a system to oscillate with a high degree of amplitude when excited by energy at a certain frequency. This frequency is known as the system's natural frequency of vibration or resonant frequency.

Harmonic Rsonance and the World Grid: The earth is a magnetic sphere. Life is directly connected to the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field permeates and connects to all living things through harmonic resonance. All living things contain a unique yet connected frequency. As the work at Stanford has shown disruptions to the general frequency can produce a measurable effect in data sensitive equipment. As all matter is made up of magnetic resonant field patterns of varying strength and frequencies, disruptive effects will produce a wave pattern that extends beyond the boundaries of the actual event creating a chain reaction.

Our research focuses on the effects of Paranormal Activity on Harmonic Resonance. Using Random Number Generators, which our theory maintains is sensitive to fluctuations in frequency vibrations our research attempts to measure the disruptive force a given paranormal event creates in a frequency pattern.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

PIIS Main Campus

This is the the main building on the PIIS campus. Although the structure is old it has been modified to serve our purposes. This building is where most of our experiments are conducted including our newest study focusing on Random Number Generators.